Tips for using the Google Cloud Drive

Below is a quick summary of the steps needed to get your files online:
1. Create a new folder on your computer ... for example 'QuizTest'.
2. Using your Quiz Maker program create a quiz and use the 'File ... Save as ... HTML Document' option at the top left of the main authoring screen to save the file to the new folder.
3. In the new folder you will find your new .HTML quiz file and a folder called 'Resources' which in turn contains at least 2 more folders ('Images', 'Sounds' and perhaps more!)
4. Create a new folder on your Google Drive and share it as 'Public on the web.'
5. Upload ALL the files and folders in your 'QuizTest folder to this folder. Please make sure that you do not change the file and folder structure.
6. Open the HTML file (the one you saved in step 2) and you will see a "Preview" button in the toolbar.

Share the URL that looks like from the preview window and anyone can then view your web page.
If you would like more general information about Google Drive, you will ind it here.