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Any and all questions, notification of bugs or constructive suggestions for future improvements of our software are welcome. Your feedback and comments have always played an essential role in the development of the program. We do our best to answer all mails to support within 24 hours.

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NEW ... Using a Google Cloud Drive for your tests and quizzes

We have recently received several requests for information about storing the Quiz Maker tests and quizzes on a free Google Drive. If you would like more general information about this, you will find it here.

Tutorials ...

Please select the tutorial you would like to see!

NB For the secure and reliable FTP upload of your quizzes to a web server we strongly recommend a program called SmartFTP. It can be downloaded free-of-charge from http://www.smartftp.com.
Although the instructions in the tutorials are based on the use of this software they should also be relevant to most other good FTP programs.

FAQ's ...

Frequently asked questions ... originally compiled for the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker but the hints and comments are also relevant for the other TAC-Soft Quiz Maker programs.

How do I get started?
  • 1. Download the installation program (...setup.exe) and run it. 2. Go to your Windows desktop and open the "Start ... Programs" list and find the new entry for the Quiz Maker program. 3. Click the Quiz Maker icon and wait until the program starts. 4. Select the quiz type you want to use (Multiple Choice, Energy Saver, Playtime etc. etc.) and the authoring screen will appear. 5. You can now either make your own quiz by typing in your entries or open an already existing one (several Demo quizzes are included in the evaluation version). To open a quiz simply click the "Files ... Open" button in the top left-hand corner of the authoring screen. 6. Click the "View Quiz" button to display your quiz in your Internet browser. That's it ... enjoy!
  • I would like to print out a quiz for distribution in class.
  • Nothing easier than that! Make a quiz or load one into the appropriate authoring screen and click on the "Files ... Print" option in the top right-hand corner. You will be presented with a print preview box with various opportunities to edit the text before you print out a hard copy.
  • How do I get the results from the quizzes?
  • For all the tests, you have the option to include a "Submit Results" button in the quizzes you create. To include, remove or configure this button, please open the "Quiz Options" menu at the top of the authoring screen and follow the instructions provided. The results are sent by email to any address you specify. You can even send an email to yourself to check and record your own progress with the Quiz Maker quizzes.
  • The Task Manager is a little bit confusing.
  • Maybe you're right ;-) We introduced this feature to make it possible to link a series of quizzes. As the "Quiz Supervisor", you can enter the names of the quizzes you would like your students/pupils/users/customers to access. It is possible to link up to 15 quizzes. If you decide to use the option and would like to know more, please look at the Help File for detailed information
  • Do quiz takers and authors have to have access to the Internet?
  • No they don't. The Quiz Maker programs and all the quizzes you create run independently of any Internet connection .. on any PC, intranet or whatever. Certain options, for example "Submit Results" or "Check for Update", can obviously only function successfully if an Internet connection is available.
  • The Multiple Choice Quiz Maker can't find my browser.
  • When the program is installed, it automatically locates any registered browsers. The problem is that your system may not have registered a browser in the normal way or possibly a browser has been uninstalled without removing all the relevant registry entries. To find out which browsers are available either select Template Options ...Show Extras ...Installed Browsers for the Teaching Templates module or simply click on the little arrow next to the View Quiz tab in the other Quiz Maker programs.

  • What about my screen resolution?
  • The program runs best with a Windows resolution of 1024x768, HiColor (16 bit) and in fullscreen mode. It also operates successfully with higher or lower screen resolutions but certain elements may then overlap or appear to be slightly out of proportion. It has been tested with both large and normal fonts installed.

  • I'd like my authoring screen to be more colorful and attractive.
  • Open the Template Options...Show Extras ...Background Colour menu which can be accessed at the top left-hand side of most of the authoring screens. Here you can experiment to your heart's content with different colour schemes and apply them to one or to more of the Templates. One click on the "Restore Default" button and the familiar settings will be restored. You can't do anything wrong!

  • Can I integrate my own images in the Energy Saver quizzes I create?
  • You sure can!
    There are only two restrictions ... the images you include must be in .gif format and the size should be approx. 90x120 pixels.

  • How does the "Check for New Version" feature work?
  • It is important that your version of the Quiz Maker includes all the latest bug fixes and improvements. If you click on this menu option and have an Internet connection you will be automatically connected to the update site. If a new version is available, you will be given the choice of downloading it or not. We strongly recommend that you use this option regularly. All updates are at present free of charge for registered users of the TAC-Soft Quiz Maker programs.
  • Is it possible to edit the quizzes and templates in my normal HTML editor?
  • You can ... but only in the registered version. Actually, that's not true. The quizzes you create with the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker are your own property and can be modified wherever, whenever and however you want . The original templates are code-protected and cannot be modified until a license key is available.
    Please be fair. We need your support for the future development of the program. You can get a license key for the program of your choice here.
  • I don't want to allow my quiz users access to the HTML code.
  • It is almost impossible to hide the HTML code of an Internet file ... whether a Quiz Maker quiz or any other source. You can, however, make it very difficult for a casual viewer to make any sense of what they see. The simplest way is to use the "Encrypt on Save" option. The MC Quiz Maker program offers a number of other security features to prevent most attempts at "cheating".
    We have experimented with many others (HTML Guardian, Carbosoft, WebCrypt etc. etc.) but they are all unable to handle reliably the full spectrum of the Quiz Maker's features.
  • Why are my HTML quiz files so large?
  • Like many well-known producers of operating systems, we have deliberately put quite lot of redundant code in our program ... no seriously ... the size of the file of course depends to some extent on your input. Keep your question and answers brief and to the point and everyone will be happy. There is a very useful program called HTMLZip which can reduce the size of the finished quizzes by at least 50%.
    If you are planning to work online with the Quiz Maker quizzes, the compression program is almost certainly a worthwhile investment. It appears to work successfully with all the quizzes with the exception of Energy Saver.
    We have experimented with many others (HTML Guardian, Carbosoft, WebCrypt etc. etc.) but they are all unable to handle reliably the full spectrum of the Quiz Maker features.
  • My Multiple Choice Quiz Maker registration key doesn't work!
  • Yes it does ... but there is perhaps a problem if you are using cut and paste from the licensing email you received immediately following your purchase. Please make sure that you are only copying the letters and/or numerals. Computers are strict task-masters and the inclusion of any punctuation marks or trailing/ leading spaces will prevent the successful registration of the program.

  • What exactly is the "License Plate Module"?
  • When you register one of the Quiz Maker programs you will receive a location address from which you can download the license module. Please note that before you use it you must have installed an evaluation version of the Quiz Maker program you are going to register. The license plate module file simply modifies the Quiz Maker evaluation version and registers it in your name. If the evaluation version is not already installed on your system or if it has been removed, please first download and run the latest version from the  TAC-Soft website. When the Quiz Maker evaluation version has been installed, you can then run the license-plate registration file (...reg.exe) which will automatically register it and remove all evaluation restrictions.
  • Is there an Internet library of Multiple Choice Quiz Maker quizzes?
  • Not yet, but it's something we are seriously thinking about.
  • Netscape takes a long time to load the quizzes.
  • Yes it does ;-(
  • I've created my quizzes --- What's the best way to distribute them?
  • To be quite honest, it depends what you want to do with them. In the top left-hand corner of each authoring screen you will find a "Files ... Save as" option. This allows you to move your quiz and automatically any dependent files to any destination you choose - USB stick, disk, network directory, homepage or whatever. The beauty of the Quiz Maker quizzes is that they can be executed successfully on any platform which has access to a compatible Internet browser -- at home, in the classroom, at work or on the move.
  • I've lost my registration details!
  • Please note that in order to trace your original order, we need either an order number or the same email address you used when you purchased the license.
  • Can I ask the MC Quiz Maker to tell me what "fortnight" means in British English?
  • Yes! But it won't give you an answer. From the very beginning, our guiding principle in the development of the Quiz Maker program has been "Keep if Simple". If you really have a suggestion for a worthwhile option which we could include (or exclude) please let us know. By the way "fortnight" means 14 days.
  • I keep getting an error message with a request to "notify support at www.tac-soft.com".
  • Sorry! Please send us the message with as much information as possible about the system you are using (Window's version, browser type etc.) It's our aim to answer all support enquiries within 24 hours - even from unregistered users. Your feedback helps us a lot and contributes a great deal to the future development of the Quiz Maker software .
  • Can I have more than one correct answer in the Multiple Choice quizzes?
  • This is possible in the Standard Multiple Choice format. Simply navigate to the answer properties at the bottom of the main authoring screen and active the "Allow the quiz taker to choose several answers" option.
  • Why are there two entries for the Quiz Maker in my Windows Start menu?
  • If you install a new version of the Quiz Maker over an already existing version, a new entry (e.g. Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 13.0) will be created in your Start menu. If you want to remove the old entry (e.g. Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 12.3) simply right-click on the entry in the Start menu and select "delete".
  • The "Submit Results" option only shows a blank window with no e-mail message.
  • There are two possible reasons. If you are running a pop-up killer to facilitate your Internet surfing, the Quiz Maker pop-up window containing the results cannot appear ... it's logical! Secondly, to use the "Submit Results" option you must have a standard mail program installed with full access to the Windows resources. There are no problems with the major mail programs (Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora etc.) You will probably not be able to submit the quiz results if you are using mail programs like "Calypso Mail" and others which are not fully integrated in the Windows environment.
  • I can't see the ticks and crosses in my quizzes.
  • Each of the quizzes you create requires additional files in order to function effectively. These are files which are contained in the "Resources", "Clips", "Images" and "Sounds" folders of the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker programs or the "Projects" "Images" "Clips" and "Sounds" folders of the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker. If you export a quiz (option in the top left-hand corner of each template's screen) and intend to transfer it to another destination, all the necessary files will be sent automatically to the location of your choice. All these files AND the sub-directories (folders) must then be sent with your quiz file to the new location.
  • What are the Quiz Maker .mht files?
  • .mht is the suffix which is added to Microsoft web archive files. Saving your file as a Microsoft Web Archive allows you to save your quiz as a single file, including all of the graphics on the page, by using the MIME HTML Internet standard. Packing your quiz with the Web Archive option helps to avoid errors if you try to send the Web page to someone else. By using Web Archive, you can easily send the Web page as one file via e-mail, save the Web page for offline viewing or upload just one file to your web server. You can also unpack a Web Archive if you need to restore an archive to its original state.
    Note - To make full use of the Web Archive option - either to archive, view, or restore archived Web pages - you must have Microsoft Internet Explorer installed. Both Firefox (with the necessary plugin) and the latest versions of the Opera browser are also now able to view .mht files.
  • Why does the new Import procedure with bold and italic text not work for me?
  • Problems with the import are nearly always caused by the format of the .rtf files and in particular the empty (blank) line which is used to separate the questions and answers. This line must be a 'real' line i.e. you must be able to put the cursor on it and type something in. Frequently, this is not the case and although the line appears to be there, it is purely a formated gap which is linked as part of the previous text. It is also very important that the empty line is not included in the bold or italic marking of the previous text line. The problem with .rtf files is that they contain a lot of markers and symbols which are not easily visible in a normal word processor!
  • Why do I keep getting the error message "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)"
  • Windows will present you with this error message if you try to run any prgram that requires the Microsoft .NET Framework to run, but your computer does not have it. For all the Quiz Maker programs it is essential that the .NET framework is installed on your system. It is normally installed automatically by all recent Windows versions (Vista, 7 & 8) but NOT by Windows XP. The latest MS.Net can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft website.
  • I have uploaded a .PHP quiz file to my server but it does not write the quiz results to a text file ... why?
  • The cause is nearly always a permissions problem. Try giving both the quiz file and the text file read, write and execute permissions on your server (chmod 777) and the problem should be solved. Please also make sure that the folder which contains your files is not write protected. If the problem persists or you are not sure how to check and/ or modify the server permissions please contact your Internet service provider. It is unfortunately not possible for the team at TAC-Soft support to offer any direct help with this.

  • TOPTeaching Templates Quiz Maker

    News and history

    In spite of all our efforts, we are aware of the old motto that the last bug in a progam is always the next one. Please let us know if you encounter any problems whilst using one of our programs, or if you have any constructive suggestions for improvements and changes.
    August 10th 2017:
    A final summer update before the holidays! Thanks to your feedback (a special greeting to Neil R.!) we have been able to correct the positioning of the Results message box. It should now be clearly visible without scrolling in all browsers. We have also tweaked the sliding menu, which means it will now work in quizzes running on the Firefox and Chrome platforms.
    The current versions of the Quiz and Exam Maker programs are as follows:
    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker version 17.0.0
    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker version 15.8.0
    Multiple Choice Exam Maker version 2.1.0
    Business Grammar and Vocabulary version 2.1.0

    July 5th 2017:
    I think we have finally got to grips with most of the idiosyncracies of the Microsfoft Edge browser. Please let us know if you still encounter problems running the tests and quizzes on this platform. You can find full information about the new Business Grammar and Vocabulary app HERE.

    June 15th 2017:
    A few minor changes to ensure continued compatibility with recent updates to the leading internet browsers.

    January 17th 2017:
    At the beginning of the year, we switched the TAC-Soft website to a faster and more secure https server. This has required several changes to the licensing routines and to such important processes as the TAC-Soft results submission relay service.

    October 10th 2016:
    Three minor code modifications in answer to the valuable feedback of our customers.
    • Changes to ensure that any answer markers which have been selected are changed and saved when the 'Keep it Simple' quiz option is selected.
    • Changes to make sure that carriage returns are carried over when importing a test from a text file.
    • Inclusion of an additional warning if copy protection settings are active which may prevent a quiz appearing in a quiz taker's browser.
    June 8th 2016:
    By popular request - following the most recent updates, many of you were puzzled by the apparent disappearance of the 'Continue' button in the single question quiz template. We have now replaced the button as the default setting. Whether or not it shows can still be changed by navigating to the 'Template' tab at the top of the main authoring screen and then selecting the 'single question format' option in the dropdown menu. We have also received reports of registration problems in the 15.2.0 version of the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker program. The source of the possible malfunction has been located and the problem solved.

    May 20th 2016:
    • A new HTML Zip module to facilitate the storage of quiz files on online cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft's OneDrive.
    • Problems with gathering participant data in the 'Keep it simple' format have been solved.
    • Changes to counter the rather restrictive handling of JavaScript message boxes in the Chrome browser.
    April 26th 2016:
    The usual collection of minor tweaks and twists which seem inevitably to follow a major update. Thanks to all of you for the invaluable feedback which has made the changes and improvements possible.

    March 21st 2016: The traditional Spring updates are a little later than usual this year. There have been considerable changes to the increasingly popular Multiple Choice Quiz Maker, both as an independent program and as a module in the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker suite.
    Following several requests from customers, we have included a question and/ or answer weighting feature in the Quiz Extras options and, thanks to HTML 5, we have been able to make several improvements to the appearance of the tests and quizzes when media files are included.
    Many of you have requested changes to the "continue" feature in the single question templates. We have now made some modifications which means that is no longer to longer necessary to hit a control button in order to procede to the next question.
    If you would still like to include the button in your quizzes, please navigate to the 'Templates' tag at the top of the main authoring screen and then click on the 'Single question format' tab.

    August 22nd 2015: A few minor changes to ensure compatibility with Windows 10.

    April 27th 2015: It is now more than 5 years since we launched the MC Quiz Maker Express Edition. The restrictive way in which internet browsers now handle online .MHT files and the free and widespread availability of such download sites as Google Drive are two of the reasons that we have decided to suspend the further development of this program. A special feature of the program was the opportunity to store quiz files as web archives on the TAC-Soft website. Your feedback suggests that this service is no longer required.
    We will now be concentrating all our efforts on the three Quiz Maker programs which remain in our portfolio.

    We are also very pleased to announce that there is a new addition to the TAC-Soft family:


    This is an EBOOK which contains over 100 interactive exercises for foreign students who would like to extend their general grammar and vocabulary competence into a business and commercial context. You can find full information about this exciting new development HERE.
    We think that the new EBook is a good example of how the tests and quizzes created with one or other of the TAC-Soft Quiz Maker programs can be successfully integrated into a a teaching course.

    January 22nd 2015: It shouldn't happen but it does! Thanks to feedback from Paul R. we've been able to correct a spelling mistake in the Submit Results options. There have also been a couple of minor changes to solve a problem some customers have encountered when saving Unicode files in the TTQM module.

    December 30th 2014: The latest version of the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker is 14.0.0
    This is a major update with significant changes to many of the quiz templates in the Teaching Templates module. 'Flash Cards', 'What's Your Opinion?', 'In Other Words' and 'Gap Text' have all been brought up-to-date and you will find several improvements to the 'Energy Save' and 'Question Time' quizzes. The Multiple Choice and the Silverlight modules are largely unchanged.
    The Multiple Choice Quiz Maker has been upgraded to version 13.4 with numerous minor twists and tweaks to the internal code. Here for your guidance is a summary of the changes which we introduced for this program in the last major update:
    • An additional option in the single question template to stop the repeat of incorrectly answered questions (navigate to the Template/Single question format menu tab at the top of the main authoring screen).
    • In a licensed version it is now possible to edit all the templates (navigate to the Edit/Edit the quiz templates menu tab at the top of the main authoring screen).
    • Changes to the EMail Submit Results procedures. There should now be no problems using your standard email program (including GMail!) to send the results. There is also a new option to hide the Submit Results command button until the quiz has been completed. To view the changes, please navigate to the Quiz/Submit results options/ at the top of the main authoring screen.
    • The Quiz Feedback options have been upgraded and moved from the Security menu tab to the more appropriate Quiz tab at the top of the authoring screen.
    October 22nd 2014: Your messages to our support team show that not only are the number of languages used by our customers in the quiz maker programs increasing very rapidly but, in addition, that there is also an increasing tendency to create tests and quizzes with mathematics and with other scientific notation. The changes in the present update bring minor improvements to the unicode routines which are necessary to successfully handle these developments.

    August 17th 2014:
    The usual collection of minor tweaks and twists which seem inevitably to follow a major update. Thanks to all of you for the invaluable feedback which has made the changes and improvements possible.

    July 26th 2014:
    The first major updates this year with what we hope are significant improvements to the font handling options and to the opportunites for using custom background images in the tests and quizzes.

    January 30th 2014:
    We are starting 2014 with with two minor updates to the Teaching Templates and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker programs.

    June 1st 2013: The launch of Windows 8 and in particular the extended use of the Microsoft 'Smartcreen' technology have made it necessary for us to make some changes to the code signing procedures used in all our programs. We now hope that the TAC-Soft Quiz Maker software will be marked as "trusted" by the Microsoft computer in Redmond and that it will again be possible for our customers to download the programs without the hassle of numerous warning screens. We guarantee that all the applications downloaded directly from our website are free of any and all viruses, and that when they are used correctly they will not do any harm to your computer system!

    April 11th 2013: Our major updates are almost always followed by a number of minor releases with fine adjustments to the programs and, to be quite honest, with one or the other necessary bug fixes. We do our very best but the pace of developments on the pc, tablet and smartphone fronts at times leaves us breathless and and makes occasional programming slips inevitable. Analysing your feedback is one of our most rewarding activities and several of the changes in the latest versions are due directly to your comments and wishes. Several of you did not like the rather 'jazzy' opening screen to the MC Quiz Maker program so we have now selected a more sober theme!

    February 23rd 2013: The New Year begins with two major updates to our most popular progams ... the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker to version 12 and the Muliple Choice Quiz Maker to version 14. The big jump in the version numbers reflects the importance we attach to the changes. To adapt to the new features in Windows 8 and to the steady shift of customer preferences from desktop and notebook pc's to tablets and smartphones we have made significant changes to the authoring interface of the programs. We are convinced that both programs are now more responsive to system settings and we hope much easier to use. We strongly recommend that all our customers update to the new versions. As always, for registered users the upgrade process is absolutely free-of charge.

    September 14th 2012: We have now tested and upgraded all the TAC-Soft Quiz Maker programs to guarantee full compatibility with the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system.

    September 2nd 2012: We have put quite a lot of work into making sure that there are no unpleasant surprises when our customers decide to switch to the forthcoming Windows 8 operating system.
    The Multiple Choice Exam Maker has once again been updated and upgraded. We have introduced a new licensing structure for this application and decided to re-position the program price-wise in the middle of our product range. People who spotted the potential and licensed the program during the 'give-away' introductory period do not need to worry. The registration details are still valid for all new versions of the software.

    July 24th 2012: An upgrade of the Multiple Choice Exam Maker to version 1.7.0 The program is still low price but offers even more performance. We strongly recommend that you try out the evaluation version and are sure that in many cases the program will offer an excellent, bargain-priced solution to your quiz and test making needs.

    April 26th 2012: The current versions of the Quiz Maker software are as follows:

    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker version 13.1.0
    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker version 11.3.0
    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express version 1.5.0
    Multiple Choice Exam Maker version 1.6.0

    If you encounter a problem with one of the programs, please make sure that you are running the latest version before contacting us at TAC-Soft Support. We remind you that all updates to your program are free-of-charge for registered users.

    March 27th 2012: The traditional spring updates with important code changes to extend the contact areas of the quiz radio buttons and checkboxes ... and to hopefully make sure that they are a little more 'touchscreen friendly'.

    February 23rd 2012: A major update to the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker program and numerous twists and tweaks to the internal code of the standard MC Quiz Maker. The improvements include the following:

    Modifications for a more efficient and secure CGI submit results procedure.
    Better 'save prompts' to prevent data loss when closing the program or starting a new quiz
    Improved recognition of questions and answers when importing from a .txt or .rtf file.
    Changes to the security settings to enable some protection even when cookies cannot be set on the quiz taker's computer.
    The store for all project files used in the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker has been moved to the standard "My Quizzes" document folder.

    October 15th 2011: A couple of modifications to the import procedures. With the present update it is now possible to vary the sound feedback when correct and/ or incorrect answers are selected. We remind you that all updates are absolutely free-of-charge for registered users.

    August 4th 2011: We do our best but with the last updates a bug in the submit results routine sneaked past all our testing procedures. It's been squashed in the new versions. Sincere apologies to you all.

    July 31st 2011: Thanks to feedback from Gavin W. we have been able to solve a couple of compatibility problems with the latest releases of the Firefox and Chrome browsers.

    April 8th 2011: The traditional spring updates to all our programs. French has now been added to the list of quiz languages ... sincere thanks to Otmar B. The latest versions are as follows:

    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker version 12.3.0
    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker version 10.3.0
    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express version 1.4.0
    Multiple Choice Exam Maker version 1.2.0

    February 3rd 2011: Three updates and a new program called the Multiple Choice Exam Maker are released. A problem with submitting participant details together with the quiz results by PHP has been solved.
    AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM SUPPORT: Please make sure that you are running the latest version of the program(s) before asking us to help you solve a problem. Each of the TAC-Soft programs contains a 'Check for Update' option where you can easily check your version number and compare it with the version currently online. It has always been a keystone of our policy to offer all updates absolutely free-of-charge. Please make use of this opportunity.

    January 8th 2011: Happy New Year. We hope and pray that 2011 will bring peace, good health and prosperity for us all. The two minor updates to our Quiz Maker programs contain general improvements to the program flow and a new option to automatically issue a certificate to confirm successful test performance. The latest versions are as follows:

    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker version 12.1.0
    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker version 10.1.0

    November 10th 2010: In the past few months we have been getting quite a lot of correspondence from India where computer-based online testing and assessment procedures appear to be receiving more andmore attention. The changes we have made in the new versions of the Quiz Maker programs should be particularly useful in this context. The new shortcut template is designed to accept Hindi and other Indian lanuage input ... in addition to English of course and all other European languages. It also contains a number of additional security features to enhance its suitability for use in real-life examinations.
    The updates contain major changes and to mark this we have changed the version numbers of the programs as follows:

    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker version 12.0.0
    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker version 10.0.0

    August 9th 2010: A pretty frequent request has been for the option to gather participant information which can then be submitted together with the quiz results. There are now seven customisable questions you can ask either before the quiz starts or immediately following a click on the 'submit results' command button. In addtion to the quiz taker's name, address and age you can now record and report such data as the personal ID number, the class or university course which is being attended etc. etc.

    July 5th 2010: With more and more of our customers running the Quiz Maker programs on Netbooks, it was time to make one or two adjustments to the screen resolutions and positioning routines.
    The current versions of the Quiz Maker programs are now as follows:

    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker version 10.9.0
    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker version 9.8.0
    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express version 1.2.0

    May 2010: The latest releases are major updates and you are strongly recommended to download and install them as quickly as possible. All past licenses are, of course, still valid for the corresponding new versions.
    We have recently noticed that more and more of our website visitors are nowusing Internet browsers other than Internet Explorer and Firefox. Amongst the many changes and improvements in the latest updates is the re-design of the basic templates to make sure that Opera, Chrome and Safari are able tosuccessfully render the quizzes you create. Thanks to the feedback from one of our valued customers in India we have also been able to fix a couple of problems in the *.rtf text import function.

    March 2010: Release of the new Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express version 1.0.0. This new program is the result of TAC-Soft's decade of experience in the development and distribution of educational software.It attempts to do justice to all the comments, feedback and suggestions we have received from you over the years. The program is a simplified, back-to-basics version of the Teaching Templates and Multiple Choice Quiz Maker software. Our aim is to offer an easy-to-use interface and to include only those features which most of our customers really seems to need ... at a bargain price which is hard to beat.
    The program is a supplement to and not a replacement for the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker (now version 9.4.0) and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker (latest version 10.5.0). For those of you creating tests and quizzes on a 'professional' basis, one of the latter two programs will almost certainly offer a more useful platform. As always, free try-before-you-buy versions of all our software are available for download. You will quickly be able to decide which of the programs is best suited to your particular requirements.

    January 31st 2010: The first updates this year with a couple of features which your feedback has strongly suggested many of you require. It is now possible to save the quiz results to a local file which can then be attached to an email and submitted to the quiz supervisor. There is also a new option to prevent a browser refresh i.e. a restart if perhaps too many questions have been answered incorrectly! We understand and apologise to those Internet purists who, not without justification, object to this sort of attempt to influence a browser's functional scope! Please think carefully before deciding to implement the option in your tests and quizzes.
    The latest versions are now Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 9.3.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker as version 10.4.0

    December 28th 2009: In response to the increasing popularity of 64 bit Windows systems we have brought forward the release of two major updates - Teaching Templates is now available as version 9.2.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker as version 10.2.0

    October 29th 2009: We didn't really want to do it but we have ... Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 8.0.0 now contains a module which relies on the Microsoft Silverlight plugin. We sincerely hope that the Redmond team have finally got their ship in order and that the plugin will not cause too many unexpected problems. Please treat our Support gracefully with regard to possible queries! The Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 9.5.0 is a minor update with small bug fixes and improvements.

    October 9th 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 7.4.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 9.4.0

    Minor updates with nevertheless considerable improvements to several of the program routines and to the Quiz Maker's general memory-management operations. You probably will not notice the difference but your computer, especially with Windows 7, certainly will! We have also followed the trend and introduced an automatic update reminder. Although it is not expected, please let us know if for some reason your firewall or virus protection program generates too many warnings when calling the update routine. We will do our best to help.

    September 15th 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 7.3.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 9.3.0

    Thanks Rick! We think the new updates will solve the problem you encountered with quiz rendering in the latest Firefox browsers.

    September 3rd 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 7.2.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 9.2.0

    Many of you seem to have Multiple Choice tests where there are several possible correct answers to a particular question. Both of the new updates offer the opportunity to create quizzes with this type of question. There are also a couple of improvements to the error handling and the correction of one or two minor bugs which your feedback has brought to our attention. Thanks as always to all those of you who have contacted us in the last few weeks. We much appreciate your help and advice.

    August 5th 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 7.1.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 9.1.0

    Major updates seem inevitably to bring new problems with one or the other functions. The new versions contain a fix to the database access difficulties which some of you have encountered ... sorry but although we really do our best there is always something that slips through the net. Please keep your feedback coming. It helps us immensely and contributes a lot to future developments and hopefully improvements of the software.

    July 15th 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 7.0.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 9.0.0

    Two major updates to ensure compatibility with the forthcoming Windows 7. Some of you have reported problems with carriage returns (line breaks) in the questions and answers. These have hopefully now been solved. Sincere thanks to Phoenix H. for the feedback.

    June 24th 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 6.4.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 8.4.0

    Important updates if you are already using or planning to use Internet Explorer 8. The updates contain changes which hopefully solve the opacity and positioning problems with the text input boxes.

    May 15th 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 6.3.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 8.3.0

    Minor updates which improve the compilation and presentation of the web archive (.mht) quiz files.

    April 18th 2009: The current versions are now Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 6.2.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 8.2.0

    The new versions contain updated quiz templates which bring the HTML and Javascript code into line with the latest standards. For the Multiple Choice quizzes there is now a new option to re-arrange the order of the questions you have entered ... by popular request! In Teaching Templates the number of possible questions in the 'What's your opinion?' and 'In other words' templates has been increased to 50.

    January 31st 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker updated to 6.0.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker to 8.0.0

    Important changes to ensure compatibility with the new Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. Please update your current versions to be able to benefit from the features of these updates.

    January 1st 2009: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker updated to 5.6.0

    For several years the image sizes in the Teaching Templates Multiple Choice and Energy Saver templates have been restricted to a maximum size of 100 KB. This was intended to save resources and to ensure that the quiz files run successfully on the Internet. With ever-increasing computer speeds, rapid internet connections and a significant number of customers running the programs and quizzes on local area networks, we have now decided to remove this restriction. The update contains a new Image Browser module to import your .jpg, .bmp and .gif files into the quizzes.

    We have also added a 'Back to the Future' option in the File Archive section of our website. If for some reason the update does not come up to expectations, you can return quickly and without problems to your previous version of the program.

    Please remember that including very large image files means that your HTML quiz file, your EBook or whatever will be of a corresponding size!

    December 18th 2008: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker updated to 5.3.0 and the MC Quiz Maker to 7.3.0

    If you have been using the 'language options" or the 'fullscreen modus' together with password protection for presentiong your quizzes, you will be pleased that a couple of possible bugs have been squashed!

    December 4th 2008: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker updated to 5.3.0 and the MC Quiz Maker to 7.3.0

    If you have been using the 'language options" or the 'fullscreen modus' together with password protection for presentiong your quizzes, you will be pleased that a couple of possible bugs have been squashed!

    November 12th 2008: By popular request ... Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 5.1.0 with SCORM support for 6 of the Templates. In the MC Quiz Maker we have introduced a 'hide score' feature to the SCORM quizzes. Both are minor updates in response to your feedback ... thanks and please keep it coming.

    October 9th 2008: Two major updates - Teaching Templates Quiz Maker to version 5.0.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker to version 7.0.0. SCORM support is now available in both programs.

    July 26th 2008: As promised when we launched the new Beta Silverlight version a couple of weeks ago, the development of the standard MC Quiz Maker and the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker continues. The latest versions are now 6.2.0 and 4.2.0 respectively. Both new versions are minor updates with just a couple of small tweaks and amendments.

    July 12th 2008: For the first time, we have released a beta preview version of a forthcoming TAC-Soft program. It uses the new Microsoft Silverlight 2 plugin and is available for immediate download.
    Why don't you give it a try and let us know what you think? As always it would be unfair if we didn't acknowledge one or two of the people who have influenced its development. Our special gratitude goes to Nick Wong for his March post of a Silverlight example on Windows Live. Our thanks too, of course, to Jesse and the others who are involved in the official Silverlight online tutorials for developers. They have all helped us a lot.

    May 23rd 2008: As always, it seems almost inevitable that a major update is followed by a service pack to tweak the code and improve the performance. Hopefully the new versions of the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker (v.4.1.0) and the MC Quiz Maker (v.6.1.0) accomplish both these tasks ... please let us know if this is not the case!

    April 2008: It is now eight years since we first launched Teaching Templates, and the time for its retirement has come. The last standard TT version (3.1.0) has now been deprecated. It is is still available for downloading in the Archive section of our website (www.tac-soft.com/archive,html) but will not be further developed.

    All our efforts are now concentrated on the MC Quiz Maker and the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker programs. Both have been updated and both now offer many new features which have often been requested by our customers ... file import, question and answer properties etc. We have still tried our best to keep the interface for the programs simple and to ensure that the new options do not clutter your screen with unnecessary details. If you have time in a hectic world, we invite you sincerely to try out the new versions and to let us have your comments. The latest versions are as follows: Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 6.0.0; Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 4.0.0

    The baby in the cradle ... our WebWrap program ... remains unchanged.

    January 30th 2008: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 3.0.0 and Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 5.0.0 - Major updates in the New Year with lots of new and improved features e.g. a new HTML quiz editor and an image browser to include your own background images in the tests and quizzes. We have also made major changes to ensure that the program runs successfully with different screen resolutions and with user-determined DPI settings.

    October 2nd 2007: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 2.6.1 and Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 4.5.1 (Vista edition) - Sorry ... a bug in the connection procedure of the new FTP module has been corrected ... mea culpa!

    September 28th 2007: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 2.6.0 and Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 4.5.0 (Vista edition) - Major updates. Improvements to FTP Module.

    August 17th 2007: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 2.5.0 and Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 4.4.0 (Vista edition) - Minor updates.
    • Improvements to the Image Viewer to enable the inclusion of larger graphics in the quizzes.

    July 28th 2007: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 2.4.0 and Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 4.3.0 (Vista edition) - Major updates. An amazing new Math Editor to facilitate the insertion of formulae and equations in the quizzes ... it's not perfect but it works!

    A brand new Symbol Editor so that all your font-supported characters can be included in the quizzes.

    Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements to the general functioning of the programs. Please keep your feedback coming so that we know that our work has not been completely in vain.

    June 15th 2007: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 2.3.0 and Teaching Templates 3.1.0 - Minor updates. A support mail from Australia brought to our attention one or two possible improvements to the change question order routine. Thanks to Ralf in Sydney and special greetings to all our customers "down under".

    May 18th 2007: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 2.2.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 4.2.0 (Vista edition) - by popular request both programs now contain additional options for the ftp quiz upload and for the quiz database. It's always a difficult choice between 'keep it simple' and 'make it useful'. We hope the changes serve both purposes. We have also updated the standard MC Quiz Maker to version 3.2.0 ... a minor update with a possibly vain attempt to circumnavigate the annoying IE7 script warnings!

    May 4th 2007: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 2.1.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 4.1.0 - the fastest update in the history of TAC-Soft! Thanks to Cindy B. we have been able to correct a malfunction with the database. Apologies to any of you who have suffered in the last couple of days ... we do our best to avoid such problems but at times we stumble. Please keep the feedback coming. It helps us immensely.

    May 1st 2007: Teaching Templates 3.0.0, the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 2.0.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 4.0.0 are now officially released as Vista supported programs. All the programs are now also digitally signed to guarantee the authenticity and safety of the installations. Please note that the new MC Quiz Maker 4.0 now requires the Microsoft .NET framework. This is an integral part of Vista and is usually available on most XP systems. All previous versions of the program run without the framework. The latest version can still be downloaded from our website.

    March 21st 2007: Spring updates to all our programs:

    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 3.1.0
    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 1.6.0
    Teaching Templates 2.5.0
    important updates with the following features:
    Improved playback of media files in browsers other than Internet Explorer.
    Better management of the fullscreen/ kiosk view option..

    Correction of the rather strange behaviour with the final question when randomising ... thanks for the tip Brian.

    Modifications to the Results Viewer
    February 4th 2007: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 1.5.0 A major update with the following features:
    Improved playback of media files in browsers other than Internet Explorer.
    Better navigation possibilities when creating or editing a quiz. It is now possible to go directly to a specific question without the rather tedious repeated click on the 'next question' or 'previous question' buttons.

    One or two minor bugfixes and modifications to improve the 'Vista compatibility' of the program.

    November 28th 2006:Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 1.4.0 A couple of minor bugfixes and the inclusion of all the new features which were presented in the 18th November update of the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker. Please keep your feedback coming ... it helps us immensely, and we always do our best to solve your problems and to include any new features which enhance the performance of the program !.

    November 18th 2006: Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 3.0.0 If you navigate to the 'Quiz Options ... Quiz Feedback Options' menu you will find that we have made considerable changes with regard to the choice and implementation of ways of presenting your quizzes to the user. It is, for example, now possible to allow the quiz taker to change and/or correct their answer. This was a feature which several of our customers have requested.

    October 29th 2006: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 1.3.0 A number of changes to the basic Templates which should make it much easier for registered users to edit the HTML code.

    October 21st 2006: Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 1.2.0 We have now included a CGI Submit Results in the program and made one or two improvements to the Media options. You now also have the opportunity to compile the quizzes without Unicode support if Unicode perhaps causes problems uploading the quiz files to your server.

    October 8th 2006: Major updates to The Teaching Templates Quiz Maker (v. 1.1.0) and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker (v. 2.9.0). Please read the current Newsletter for full information about the new features the programs contain.

    July 20th 2006: You will almost certainly already have noticed that we have at last got round to updating the rather dated TAC-Soft website. In addition we have streamlined our product range. There are now three programs which invite your evaluation and hopefully your support: Teaching Templates 2.4.0 - combines all the features of the previous Standard and Global Versions.

    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 2.8.0 - The latest version with a number of minor improvements and extensions.

    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 1.0.0. - A brand new addition to our product range. . It combines all the features of the Teaching Templates 2.4.0 and MC Quiz Maker 2.8.0 programs and offers in addition a number of valuable add-on features. We strongly recommend that you download the free evaluation version and check out whether or not it is the most suitable program for your purposes. Please note that running this version requires the Microsoft .NET framework (2.0 or better).

    Licensing Information for our registered customers - It has always been a cornerstone of our customer-relations policy to offer updates free of charge to registered users of our software. The details for the new product line are as follows:

    Teaching Templates 2.4.0 - Purchased license modules for the Teaching Templates Standard and the Teaching Templates Global Editions remain valid for this version.

    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 2.8.0 Registration modules for the MC Quiz Maker Standard and the MC Quiz Maker Global edition will unlock this program.

    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 1.0.0 A new, all-in-one program which requires separate registration. At present only registered users of the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Global edition can use their license module to register this program free of charge.

    May 28th 2006: Important update of the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Global Edition to version 1.2.0. The improvements include:
    Improvements to the 'Submit Results' option.

    Inclusion of a new, just for fun Playtime Multiple Choice template.

    One or two spelling errors in the language files have been corrected

    Now includes larger text boxes for questions and answers to offer a more user-friendly interface.

    It is now possible to offer advice to the quiz takers in the event that they select the wrong answer.

    April 4th 2006: Launch of the new Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Global Edition 1.1.0 - The first TAC-Soft program to be based on the .NET Framework. Numerous new features and a brand new 'View-One-Question-at-a-Time" template.

    September 26th 2005: Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 2.7.0 and Teaching Templates Global Edition 1.3.0 - Thanks to Michael in France for bringing to our attention a slight problem with the written answer option in the Multiple Choice Quizzes. The source of the irregularity has been found and corrected.

    July 5th 2005: Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 2.6.0 and Teaching Templates Global Edition 1.2.0 - Correction of potential problems with the save options when the quizzes are authored with Windows 98. It is now possible to view the web archive files without leaving the program. Minor corrections and amendments to the help documentation. Including asterisks, pipes, number signs (#) and one or two other rather unusual symbols in the quizzes should now be possible!

    April 15th 2005: Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 2.5.0 - improvements to the new Revision Template. Correctly answered questions are now automatically removed from the quizzes, and some unexpected compatibility problems with the latest FireFox and Netscape browsers have been solved.

    April 1st 2005: Teaching Templates Global Edition 1.1.0 and MC Quiz Maker 2.4.0 In the Multiple Choice tests and quizzes it is now possible to include 5 alternative answers ... by popular request. Also includes a couple of minor bug fixes ;-). Our special thanks to Alan and the reviewers at Tucows.

    January 7th 2005: Launch of the new Teaching Templates Global Edition 1.0.0. The new program contains all the features of the Teaching Templates Standard Version and in addition comprehensive Unicode support. The TT Standard Version is updated to version 2.3.0 - several improvements and changes to the installation procedure. The total download size has been reduced by ca. 1 MB, and the price of the Teaching Templates Standard Edition has been reduced to make it even more attractive for our customers. The Multiple Choice Quiz Maker is upgraded to version 2.1.0

    April 1st 2004: Our 4th anniversary update of Teaching Templates to version 2.2.2 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker to version 2.0.0. Although we have only made minor changes and improvements to the Teaching Templates suite, the MC Quiz Maker is a major update and introduces numerous new features:

    It is now possible to include a timer to make sure that the quiz taker does not take too long to complete a quiz.

    After completion of a quiz, the user can now be redirected to a pre-chosen web location.

    The question randomisation procedure has been modified, and there is now an option to randomise not only the questions but also the answers ... wow.

    Dutch has been included as an alternative quiz language If you are interested in supporting our work on our language project, please click here for more information.

    The Question Data Bank now accepts up to 150 entries per quiz without complaining.

    A brand new feature is the option to submit quiz results to a mail address of your choice via out TAC-Soft server. This should get round the problems some of our customers have experienced with Internet Explorer and the HTML mailTo function.

    We have ignored the advice of our CFO yet again and are still offering all registered users of Teaching Templates completely free and licensed versions of the MC Quiz Maker and WebWrap as an additional bonus for their support of our software.

    September 1st 2003: Update of the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker to version 1.4.0: This is a major update and introduces numerous new features which include:

    An option to compile the MC quizzes as PHP files and to save the quiz results to a text record file or to a MySQL databank.

    A "Results Viewer" module is now available to facilitate the viewing and administration of the results which have been submitted.

    The opportunity to create quizzes with a quiz user interface other than English. At the moment German is available as an alternative language, and we hope to be able to include other languages in the near future. If you are interested in supporting our work on this exciting project, please click here for more information.

    Numerous minor bug fixes and most of the improvements which were contained in the Teaching Templates 2.2.1 update.

    June 12th 2003: Update to Teaching Templates 2.2.1: The changes and improvements include:

    The supervisor's email address is now saved (and retrieved!) with and from the quiz file.

    A problem with the password protection box appearing twice when a quiz is running in fullscreen modus has been solved.

    Some of our users encountered difficulties through inadvertently using "illegal" characters in the quiz titles and headlines. The authoring program now checks the user's input before a quiz is compiled

    The rather fascinating bug which sometimes resulted in a switch of the first and last questions when creating a Multiple Choice ebook has been squashed.

    The Task Manager and the Quiz Question Bank functions have been improved.

    We have doubled the number of available background images.

    February 18th 2003: Major Updates to Teaching Templates 2.2.0 and the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 1.3.0 : The new features include:

    Quiz files can now be saved and exported as MHTM Web Archives ... only one file which contains all the necessary sounds and images.

    The number of questions it is possible to include in the Multiple Choice and Energy Saver quizzes has been increased to 150.

    The "Submit Results" option now offers the opportunity to print the results as well as sending them via email. We have also tried to solve the annoying habit of Internet Explorer of sending two email messages with the quiz details.

    It is now possible to include images and written answers in the Multiple Choice quizzes.

    All the quiz templates have been updated and validated to comply with the latest HTML4 standards.

    Multiple select of questions in the data bank files for inclusion in new quizzes is now possible.

    Numerous improvements and enrichment of the background colour change options in most templates and of the screen layout in Question Time.

    6th January 2003: Release of the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 1.2.0. Correction of the sound functions in the WebArchive files ... sorry!.

    6th December 2002: Release of the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 1.1.0, and a new look for the TAC-Soft website.

    With the MC Quiz Maker you can now save and export all your quiz files in one *.mht Web Archive ... and do lots of other exciting things!

    29th September 2002: Release of Teaching Templates 2.1.0: The improvements include:

    Major changes to the quiz encryption procedure. It is now possible not only to code the quizzes you create to hide the HTML code, but also to compress them ... uses the LZSS algorithm if anybody is interested. We have also extracted the compression procedure from the Teaching Templates quiz suite and made it available to everybody who is interested in the creation of efficient Internet web documents.The small program is called WEBWRAP. There is no time limit on the use of the evaluation version of WebWrap

    Inclusion of a data bank facility (Quiz Question Bank) to enable the user to save and recover questions from the quizzes that they have created.

    It is now possible for registered users to edit the original HTML and JavaScript templates from within the Teaching Template's program. A 'Restore Original Template' option cancels any changes and/ or mistakes that may have been made ... no risk, only fun!

    9th April 2002: Teaching Templates 2.0 (Second Edition) ... the definitive version!

    1st March 2002: Release of Teaching Templates 2.0.0 ... a major update to celebrate the second birthday of Teaching Templates. The numerous new features include:
    Automatic FTP upload of your quizzes to a web server.
    One-click compilation of your HTML quizzes into a small, independently executable file (*.EXE)
    One-click compilation of a Teaching Template's EBook containing upto 10 of your quizzes.
    Fullscreen (kiosk view) window option to improve the appearance of your quizzes in an Internet browser.
    New security options for the many users who are planning to use Teaching Templates in the classroom or computer laboratory.
    A few bug fixes ... especially one or two relating to case problems when the Teaching Templates quizzes are uploaded to a Unix server. Thanks to Basil for the feedback.

    29th December 2001: Teaching Templates 1.3.7

    Removed two "irregularities" which our customers reported in the Multiple Choice and Flash Card templates.

    12th December 2001: Teaching Templates 1.3.6

    It is now possible to encrypt the quizzes to hinder easy access to the questions and answers contained in the HTML code. We have followed Rainer's suggestions and made considerable changes to the HELP documentation. This is now in .chm format and amongst other things allows direct access to all the Demo quizzes. Now Teaching Templates is again Netscape 6 compatible. If they keep changing the specifications we may give up! Introduction of a "Submit Results Option" in all templates. It is now possible for the user to send the results of the quizzes to his or her supervisor. Many of our customers have asked for this feedback feature ... hope it proves useful. It is now possible to change the font size on the flash cards. Thanks Tristan. It was a valuable suggestion.

    30th September 2001: Teaching Templates 1.3.5 (Major Update)

    Inclusion of the new PLAYTIME Template ... Just for Fun ... let us know what you think!

    The Registration procedure has been modified - partially for security reasons, but also to make Teaching Templates available to all our users with East Asian codepage settings. Made some much-needed improvements to the parser in the Gap Text Template. Pruned and planed to reduce the program size by almost 1MB.

    6th May 2001: Teaching Templates 1.3.2 - By popular request the number of possible questions in the Multiple Choice Template has been increased to 50.

    21st April 2001: Teaching Templates 1.3.1 - fixed a minor problem with the first run on systems with 256 colors.

    10thMarch 2001: Teaching Templates 1.3.0 (Major Update). The main "big blue double T" opening screen is now standard on all Windows platforms. The interactivity of the Gap Text template has been improved with a pull-down menu to displayall of the words which have been "clozed" in the exercise, and an option to show the correct answer if an incorrect choice has been made. Task Manager template (ttmanager.html) has been introduced - a facility to link a series of exercises and, if required, to send e-mail feedback to the supervisor. Navigation command buttons can now be inserted in each quiz. In the In Other Words and What's Your Opinion templates a confirm box has replaced the "ok" option thus allowing the user to cancel the revision procedure. Teaching Templates should now run on non-Western/-Latin codepage systems ... feedback please if our users in Russia, Greece and lots of Asian countries still have problems! The printing options in all templates have been extended to allow a choice or printer and the opportunity to format output in a real text box. It is now impossible to delete all questions upto and including -1 in the quizzes! You can still delete them all, but it stops at number 1. It is now possible to use "Crtl-A" in all textfields to select the entire text. Teaching Templates is now Netscape 6 compatible. When in Teaching Templates a quiz was opened, modified and then a second quiz was opened, the "save" option for the first quiz was not always active. This bug has been fixed. Three new variants have been included in the "Template Options" menu: 1. Override Netscape Search: solves a problem some customers experienced with registry entries for Netscape even though the browser was not installed on their system.

    2. Override Netscape 6 search: Same as above but for the new Netscape product.

    3. Search again for Browsers: This option was included also for problem-solving reasons. If a browser has been uninstalled or a new one installed it may be necessary to re-set the Teaching Templates browser configuration.Improvements to the "Check for new Version" function: TT can now download and update itself in a much more efficient and time-saving manner.The Help section has been revised and converted to the HTML online format.

    18th December 2000: Teaching Templates 1.2.7. Removed problems with export function and NTFS partitions. Made some modifications to the check-for-update procedure. Placed Teaching Templates icon in the NT taskbar and added numerous shortcuts to the Template interfaces. Updated the help file. Our gratitude to Rainer Friedrich for his valuable feedback.

    18th November 2000: Teaching Templates 1.2.6. numerous small changes and improvements thanks largely to the very helpful comments of Jeff Wise at Microsoft. Thanks Jeff.

    30th September 2000:Teaching Templates 1.2.5 released: Export function fixed (problem with FAT 16 drives at maximum capacity.)Program code optimized - the program is now smaller and loads faster.Teaching Templates is now Windows Millennium Edition compatible.Minor bugfixesChange to a more user-friendly file management system for the HTML files.Automatic update check for all users with an Internet connection.Inclusion of the "I"-Menu in the second screen for faster access.Implementation of a browser check function which recognizes when a browser has been uninstalled.. First appearance of the new MASTERMIND template.

    19th August 2000: Teaching Templates 1.2.1 - Click here to download a small update patch. This fixes a problem some users have encountered with manually inserting gap20 in the GAP TEXT template. Please note that the update can only be used with the current 1.2.0 version. It will not update the previous versions of Teaching Templates. Please also make sure that, when prompted, the updater is pointing at the directory where Teaching Templates has been installed on your system.

    8th June 2000: Teaching Templates 1.2.0 - will run also on Windows NT4 and Windows 2000 systems.

    30th April 2000: Version 1.1.2. All reported problems removed and some corrections added to the project demo files.

    16th April 2000: Cleaned up some functions and squashed a few minor bugs - version 1.1.1

    1st April 2000: Beta testing completed and Teaching Templates released as version 1.1.0

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    Just a few of the sites which since the launch of the original Teaching Templates in April 2000 and the MC Quiz Maker in December 2002 have supported our work and/ or given us awards!

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    File Archive

    Please note that these programs are now "as is " software and are primarily available as backup and replacement files for registered customers who wish to continue using their original versions of Teaching Templates or the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker. To profit from all future developments, we strongly recommend taking advantage of the free update options to one or the other of the new TAC-Soft programs.

    IMPORTANT: These are not the software versions you should download for evaluation purposes.

    You can download an archive (deprecated!) version here:

    Teaching Templates Quiz Maker   Download the Teaching Templates Quiz Maker 15.7.0download
    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker  Download the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker 16.8.0download
    Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express  Download the Multiple Choice Quiz Maker Express 1.8.0download
    Teaching Templates  Download Teaching Templates 3.1.0download
    MC Exam Maker  Download the Multiple Choice Exam Maker 2.0.0download

    TOPTeaching Templates Quiz Maker