Multiple Choice Exam Maker

The latest addition to the TAC-Soft Quiz Maker product range ... a small, easy-to-use application for the creation of secure and efficient tests, surveys and examinations. A special feature are the 2 license types which allow the uncomplicated and unrestricted use of the registered program on all computers located at a licensee's personal or institutional site.

The Multiple Choice Exam Maker program can be downloaded from the following sites. Please select the server which you think will provide the fastest and most efficient service. The latest version is 2.1.0 and the download size ca. 4.5 MB.
Download directly from the TAC-Soft website:
Multiple Choice Exam Maker
   Download from the main TAC-Soft Website ... OR download from the TAC-Soft European server:
Multiple Choice Exam Maker
   Download from the TAC-Soft European server

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Important Notes concerning the latest updates

Since November last year, we have spent a lot of time trying to work around the extremely restrictive filtering of many Internet security programs. Following the cyber attacks which many internet users suffered in 2017, there was an understandable tightening of security procedures, which unfortunately also made it almost impossible for third party software developers to install programs on customer's computers. Repeated safety warnings and at times the automatic deletion of necessary modules resulted in a very unstable and unsatisfactory development environment.
We think that things have now (almost) returned to normal and that it is now perhaps possible to return to the installation routines that TAC-Soft has used successfully since 2007. If you are nevetheless still plagued by false positive reports, please adjust your security program settings to make sure that the TAC-Soft files are scanned without the inaccurate warnings. We guarantee that all the TAC-Soft programs and the unmodified quiz maker files they create are 100% safe and completely free of any malicious content.