Demo Quizzes

Some quizzes as demos ... Just for Fun

Each of the demo quizzes was created easily and quickly with the standard Multiple Choice Exam Maker program. They are all saved as standard .html files which can be viewed in all up-to-date internet browsers. The quizzes and tests you create can also be saved in a variety of other formats including free-standing .exe ebook files.

Don't worry if the backgrounds, colors and/ or fonts of the samples do not appeal. They can easily be changed by clicking in the quiz options menu when you create your tests and exercises!

A mouseclick on any of the links will start the appropriate quiz. When you have completed the test(s), please use the 'Close This Demo Quiz Screen' button to return to the main menu.

Important note

One of the security features in the Multiple Choice Exam Maker tests is the restriction of quiz usage to one browser session. If you have already 'taken' a test i.e. you have already answered one or more of the questions and then exit the test, you will only be able to repeat it by ending your internet browser session and then re-starting your browser and once again opening the quiz file. For your convenience, this feature has been disabled in the samples available here. To test all the security fetures of the Multiple Choice Exam Maker, we recommend that you download and install the completely free evaluation version of the application.
Please also note that the instructions contained in the samples and the information required in the opening screen are only examples. They can be edited in whatever way you choose ... or removed completely if you decide that they are unnecessary!

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